CFO 3.0 - Strategies for a Changing Business Environment 

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating business disruption on an unprecedented scale creating a greater need for visibility and agility. As you steer your organization through the challenges of today while continuing to look to the future, we’d like to offer some information to support your finance team.

Sage Intacct recently surveyed 500 senior financial decision makers across the United States to learn their strategies for using data and emerging technology, such as predictive analytics and digital transformation, to build a more nimble business.

Download this new report to learn how:

  • Continuous data reporting and continuous updates on the status of the business
  • The ability to scale up, or down, based on business conditions
  • Smart and autonomous systems fueled by machine learning
  • The evolving role of the CFO: Driving investment during prosperity, protecting the business during adversity

Periods of change bring about new learnings. Here at Sage Intacct we are committed to bringing you information that can help you to navigate these difficult waters

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Outcome metrics not only show funders and constituents how your organization is performing; they also help pave the way for sustainable growth and greater efficiency.

Amid increasing demand for transparency and accountability, today’s nonprofits are seeking ways to both produce and demonstrate successful outcomes.

Heightened expectations and heightened scrutiny come from several sources—including evermore engaged funders looking for financial management techniques and principles employed by for-profit businesses.

To meet this demand, nonprofit organizations are embracing outcome metrics to measure and report their performance.

Are you ready to measure what matters? Download your free copy of Outcome Metrics - Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World now.

Mark Turin

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