The Nonprofit CFO Survival Guide

A field guide for navigating the complexity and demands of nonprofit financial management

Nonprofit finance teams operate in a more challenging environment than ever before. Good financial stewardship plays a critical role in advancing your mission. Finance teams face pressure to provide full transparency for compliance and better visibility into both financial metrics and outcome metrics for the board, executives, donors, and government funders.

What does it take for nonprofit finance teams to not only survive but thrive? Download the white paper and…

  • Hear what nonprofit CFOs say are their top survival challenges
  • Explore the benefits of streamlining your chart of accounts with a logic-based approach
  • Learn how to reduce manual Excel-based reporting so you can focus on strategic initiatives
  • Find out how to better tell your story with outcome metrics
  • See how to go beyond mere survival with future-focused financials and automated compliance so your nonprofit can thrive

Download the White Paper

Cloud-based technology gives nonprofits of all sizes access to sophisticated software that was once reserved for only the largest organizations. With a true cloud financial system like Sage Intacct, you can dream big dreams for your organization, knowing you will have the insights needed to navigate toward mission success.

The right solution will help you achieve operational and financial excellence, overcome limited resources, and multiply your effectiveness through automation. More access to real-time results lets you discover your organization's true north, so you can thrive.

Are you ready to begin your journey to mission success? Download your free copy of The Nonprofit CFO Survival Guide now.

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