Webinar—CloudCheckr's Story: 3 Triggers to Upgrade Subscription Billing and Financials

Thursday, October 22nd at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

“We knew we had to do this a year before we actually were able to make the switch.”
– Sandy Burns, VP Finance, CloudCheckr

Ever been asked for a report that you don’t have the data for? Or, ever been up late trying to find the error from a manual entry you made? Almost everyone runs into the same five problems when Finance and RevOps need to automate and forecast a growing SaaS company.

Come learn from the story of CloudCheckr for a roadmap to justify and plan success for you and your company:

  • 5 warning signs it is time to upgrade off QuickBooks (hint, one is Salesforce integration)
  • 5 steps to achieve your growth stage goals
  • How to get the metrics and forecast to crush your board meeting

Expert Panel

Sandy Burns

VP Finance

David Appel

Head of SaaS Verical
Sage Intacct

David Appel

Head of Software and SaaS
Sage Intacct

David Appel

Head of Software
and SaaS

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