CFO 3.0 Webinar: Seeing Around Corners and Flying Through Walls

Wednesday, March 21st at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

Whether your strategy is to maintain, scale, or grow, your role as CFO does not change. Whether you are working as a Private Equity, a Venture Capitalist, a REIT, a Family Office, or a Wealth Management firm – it’s always the same: people are depending on you to keep the business healthy, agile, and cost effective.

When regulations change, when market trends surge, or when opportunity arrives, you may not have much time to act or risk losing a great deal. Seeing around the risk and eliminating the barriers are no longer “nice to haves”. Vision and insights are the most important requirements you have.

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  • How Data Driven CFOs are evolving in your industry
  • Why using more proactive approaches makes metrics relatable
  • Actionable intelligence on partners, family members and investors
  • Earlier insights as means to profit and cost management
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