Webinar: How Did Intacct get to an $850M Exit?

Tuesday, April 17th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

What are the lessons around what to do, and not to do, in building your business that you can learn from Intacct’s $850M acquisition by Sage in August 2017?

Please join Greg Sands, Managing Director of Costanoa Ventures, a top early-stage SaaS investor and former Intacct board member, and Kathy Lord, Sage Intacct’s SVP of Sales and Customer Success, as they discuss Intacct’s decisions and insights from the journey. This content was presented at SaaStr 2018 in San Francisco.

Attend this webinar and learn valuable insights to apply to your business:

  • What are the great business Inputs that generate the great successful metric Outputs?
  • How to transform the way your customers are able to think and work
  • How to know when to scale your Sales and Marketing engine
  • The hindsight and lessons learned that shape the recommendations for you in scaling your business
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