Webinar— Modern Billing for Modern SaaS Companies

Thursday, July 12th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

Join Ahmed Siddiqui, VP of Product Management at Marqeta, the Payment Innovation Platform, and David Appel, Head of the SaaS Vertical at Sage Intacct, the largest pure cloud financials provider, and hear how Marqeta reduced their Subscription Billing cycle while improving DSO and customer satisfaction, using Sage Intacct.

You'll learn how:

  • To implement tiered usage pricing to capture more value, build more relationships, and differentiate from more competition
  • Marqeta reduced their billing cycle from 80 to 5 hours per week, bringing Finance, BizOps, and SalesOps together into one process
  • To "do it yourself" with Intacct to increase CLTV while simultaneously reducing CAC
  • Accounting, forecasting, and reporting are automatically handled resulting in better Board Meetings, real-time SaaS Metrics, and higher valuations from accurate Revenue Recognition

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